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The ProTRACKPlus customizable tax and incentive calculator enables EDOs to forecast and follow up on incentives. 

With our hands-on experience with Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) for more than three decades, we have designed an exclusive tax management module for EDOs. 

ProTRACKPlus Customizable Calculator

  • You will find customizable formulas in the ProTRACKPlus Tax Management Module.
  • These customizable formulas mirror your local and state tax structure.
  • In the Tax Management tab, you will find Tax Name, Tax Parameters, Formula Name, Tax Year, and Tax Formula.
  • You can name, calculate, and save the tax; it will then appear in the list under tax management.
  • You can apply the specific tax you saved to any project in the future.
  • Similarly, you can name, calculate, and apply incentives to discount each tax you create with the customizable calculator.
  • With the help of this tool, you can apply a variety of different taxes and offsetting incentives. It allows you to calculate savings to a company and revenues to the various governments involved.

How Does ProTRACKPlus Tax Module Help EDOs

  • You will have all the local and state tax structures at your fingertips.
  • There are no chances of error in tax and incentive calculations.
  • It saves you money and time by helping you take a break from manual calculations.
  • Once you calculate and save the tax, you can apply it easily to new projects when required.
  • It also provides you and your team the flexibility of calculating and applying the incentives to discount the taxes.
  • It helps you keep the guesswork at bay and allows you to forecast accurate savings and revenues to the government.
  • This customizable calculator helps your organization function smoothly by providing ease of calculations.

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