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Make your decisions faster with a complete real-time reporting solution for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs). With ProTRACKPlus’s real-time reporting feature, you and your team can create real-time reports with ease and flexibility. One of its main benefits is it saves your time and money.

What is Real-Time Reporting?

Real-time reporting for economic development organizations is a business intelligence feature that enables the creation of up-to-date reports and helps check performance and progress. With the help of accurate and real-time data, you can make timely decisions faster that help your organization grow.

Why Is Real-Time Reporting Important for EDOs

Real-time reporting allows organizations to increase productivity and achieve better results. Organizations can minimize risks, reduce cost and time, and understand clients through real-time data.

  • Real-time data helps to visualize the changes as they happen. It offers to-the-moment reporting. It helps improve communication across the organization and make appropriate decisions.
  • Organizations can stay up-to-date, achieve desired results, and thrive by opting for real-time reporting features.
  • Real-time reporting focuses on the data an organization requires and does not waste time on unnecessary data. It captures all the data relevant to the organization and its needs.
  • It boosts employees’ confidence and helps improve the organization’s overall performance.

Advanced ProTRACKPlus Real-Time Reporting

These are some fantastic real-time reporting features that ProTRACKPlus offers to economic development organizations (EDOs).

  • ProTRACKPlus Real-Time Reporting feature helps you create nine dynamic and static different reports to keep you well informed.
  • The reports are automatically created and updated in real time when users enter data. You can retrieve reports with the help of it in no time and whenever needed.
  • The different reports you can create are the Employment and Wages report, the Capital Investment report, one that captures all the activities, and so on.
  • It helps you capture all the activities undertaken in the organization, for the ones you do not have time to report.
  • And you also have a reporting feature that is the most exclusive and extraordinary of all. It is the most powerful Report Generator.
  • With Report Generator, you can instantly generate reports using all the data collected for Projects, Contacts, and Companies.
  • You can also export this instantly generated report to Excel and have pivot tables, charts, and graphs for better visualization.

ProTRACKPlus Real-Time Reporting Benefits to EDOs

ProTRACKPlus saves lots of time as the users can create their customized list for report generators to avoid selecting fields every time they make reports. They can also deactivate the list if they no longer need it. You can create Nine Automated Dynamic & Static Reports.

  • Report Generator The robust feature of Report Generator fetches data from all the fields of the Projects, Contacts, and Companies modules. It selects the information based on the data entered in the chosen fields and generates the report. You can also export the generated report into an Excel format.
  • Activity Report or Custom Activity Report This report fetches data based on the different stages values and the RFI grid response from the projects’ module. A chart is generated and also a separate detailed information table is. It includes every Stage and RFIs and details such as project name, date, source, and notes. You can export these reports both in Excel and Pdf format.
  • Investment Report The investment report fetches data based on the different types of Categories and the data present in the Investment table from the project module. And based on this data, two separate charts are generated; one is an investment report by the category of the project, and the other report for types of investments. You can also find detailed information in a separate table with specific years’ investment information. You can generate charts by filtering them by start year, the number of years, and type.
  • The Payroll Report It fetches data based on the different types of categories and the data present in the Employment table from the project module. And based on this data, two separate charts are generated, one for employment type and the other for the number of jobs for each employment. And you will also find detailed employment information in a different table for the specific time frame that you select. You can also filter the charts by start year or the number of years.

Get the Fastest Reporting Solution for EDO

ProTRACKPlus is a powerful Report Generator. You can instantly generate a report using all the data you have collected for Projects, Contacts, and or Companies. This report can be exported into Excel where pivot tables, charts, and graphs can jazz up your organization’s messaging. With ProTRACKPlus you can easily keep your leadership and stakeholders in the loop.

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