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Benefits Of ProTRACKPlus




Full CRM Functions

Including managing Projects, Contacts, Companies and Calendars

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Business Retention & Expansion

Manage all your Business Retention and Expansion Programs

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Library Of Documents

Organize and store important documents at your fingertips, ideal for completing RFPs faster

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Real-Time Reporting

Now this is where ProTRACKPlus really begins to shine!! The economic development profession is changing rapidly, and part of this change is the increased scrutiny from our leadership.

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Safeguard Data Security

Built-in “Saferoom” for managing confidential documents and communications

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Customizable Calculator

Tax and incentive calculator for forecasting and following-up on incentives

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Editable Admin

Edit 90% of the fields and drop-down menus to customize the data you wish to collect, manage and report

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ProTRACKPlus is a fully functioning CRM plus an additional “7 New Modules” in one system created to be the most intuitive and powerful tool available for making you and your organization more successful in the new era of economic development.

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  • icon Full CRM Functions
  • icon Business Retention & Expansion
  • icon Library Of Documents
  • icon Real-Time Reporting
  • icon Safeguard Data Security
  • icon Customizable Calculator
  • icon Editable Admin
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Our Focus


For the economic development profession

At ProTRACKPlus our single goal is to provide the best software solution for the economic development profession, combining seven apps into one intuitive and powerful system.


Cloud based service for any web-enabled device worldwide.

ProTRACKPlus is a fully mobile cloud-based software designed exclusively to help economic development organizations and their staffs to be more successful.


Seven Apps in One

ProTRACKPlus automates Transparency, Relevance, Accountability, Credibility and converts Data to Knowledge (TRACK) to meet your stakeholder’s-demand for better reporting.

Our Focus

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