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Safeguard your sensitive data with ProTRACKPlus ‘Safe Room’. ProTRACKPlus is the most flexible and intuitive solution available in the market for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) and the Safe Room feature exclusively protects the confidential documents of EDOs.

Why Is Data Security Crucial?

Data security safeguards your sensitive and confidential documents from unauthorized use, open records requests, information misuse, and more throughout their entire lifecycle.

  • Adequate data protection builds the trust of clients and businesses in the organization.
  • Data security stops critical data from misuse and helps organizations be fair and transparent.
  • Data is the most valuable asset of EDO organizations, and protecting it from Open Records Requests because it is considered proprietary, confidential, or trade secrets can be critical.
  • It ensures confidentiality making sure that only authorized users can access confidential documents. Thus keeping the data accurate and safe without any unjustified changes.
  • It ensures that the data is secure and accurate. It makes it accessible wherever required at your fingertips.

ProTRACKPlus ‘Safe Room’ for EDOs Data Security

ProTRACKPlus provides the most cutting-edge document security solutions for EDOs.

  • Once your project becomes active, you can use the ‘Resource’ tab to upload and organize relevant files.
  • You will find the ‘Safe Room’ feature in the’ Resource’ tab.
  • The Safe Room is exclusive to ProTRACKPlus and helps you store documents deemed to be proprietary, confidential, or trade secrets.
  • You can store sensitive data like financial statements, offer letters, and deal sheets in the Safe Room.
  • Safe Room enables you to send an email to the source of the confidential information and have a restricted time for them to upload it to the system.
  • Documents in the Safe Room are not for publication and therefore redacted from any open records requests.

How ProTRACKPlus ‘Safe Room’ Helps EDOs Protect Their Confidential Documents

  • ProTRACKPlus provides incredible benefits like scalability, reduced cost, and flexibility to transform models according to evolving organizational requirements.
  • It protects your confidential data by encrypting it at rest, in storage, and even in transit.
  • We provide you with comprehensive document protection through the Safe Room feature.
  • It helps you reduce the risk of data loss and manage your regulatory compliance efficiently.

Get a Powerful Solution for EDOs

Data security is a critical concern for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) to safeguard their confidential documents from unauthorized access, misuse, and open records requests. ProTRACKPlus understands the importance of data security and offers an advanced solution with the ‘Safe Room’ feature exclusively designed for EDOs.

With ProTRACKPlus’ state-of-the-art document protection and regulatory compliance management, EDOs can stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. So, choose ProTRACKPlus for the most flexible and intuitive solution available in the market and secure your sensitive data.

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