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Remote access to documents for an organization is a beneficial mechanism. The document repository is a rich source of information allowing c-suite executives to share documents instantaneously. There are features in the My ProTRACKPlus customer relationship manager (CRM) tool to ease the work. 

What is a Document Repository at My ProTrackPlus?

A document repository at my ProTrackPlus is a sub-service of the cloud-based CRM tool subscribed by the Economic Development Organizations (EDOs).  The repository developed by us empowers our clients to share multiple documents with just a few clicks. You can easily find the document repository entitled “Library of Documents” in the menu bar. 

How Does the Document Repository Work?

This library document module allows you to create admins, grant permissions, and add different subclass under the primary class.  The primary role of the document repository is to store your crucial documents and ease the process of sharing with all the participants required to see the documentation.  Also, the documents handled by the repository allow you to share the documents on the cloud and on-premises. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Access the Document Repository

If you are an EDO and looking for a simple step-by-step guide to initiate the process of Library of Document (document repository), you can read it below. Step 1: Log in to your My ProTrackPlus account. Step 2: Look at the menu bar in the web app and give a single click to “Library of Document.” Step 3: You need to create a new project and give a name. Step 4: As you create the project, assign the admins responsible for making the edits.  Step 5: For additional options, you can click the “Add New” icon visible to you at the right corner of the app screen below the menu bar.  Step 6: For more features, you can look at the Action column appearing at last in the table of the middle screen, such as download, edit, remove, and view. 

What are the Features of the Document Repository at My TrackProPlus?

The document repository of My TrackPro Plus has a list of numerous features. But a few have been written and explained. The features include:
  1. Data Security: We have recently added a new feature called ‘Safe Room’ under the Resource Tab. This room stores crucial documents such as financial statements, offer letters, and deal sheets. With this, you get the advantage of sending an email, barring the receiver from adding sheets in the given time.
  2.  Easy to Understand Interface: The web app’s interface is designed to understand even by non-technical professionals. The journey at My TrackPro Plus CRM is navigational, giving full access to the user in hand. 
  3. Real-time Admin Request: Using My ProTrackPlus empowers the economic development organization (EDOs) to request admins to add documents in real time. 


My ProTrackPlus is ready to empower our subscribers with an impeccable CRM tool to achieve desired organizational goals. The features designed are user-centric and receive upgrades as per the need of the paced world. You can request a demo to understand how we function as a CRM tool. We’ll keep you updated with the latest upgrades.

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