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Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) is crucial for effective economic development. A proactive economic development approach by economic development organizations helps learn about the needs of local companies.

However, managing your business retention and expansion is arduous and time-consuming. That is why your EDO needs a software solution exclusively made for economic development organizations.

ProTRACKPlus assists you in developing a data-driven BRE strategy. Our customer service module is an excellent choice for managing your business retention and expansion (BRE) programming.

ProTRACKPlus Customer Service Module Tool

You can support your data-driven BRE strategy with ProTRACKPlus tools. These advanced AI-driven tools empower you to meet challenges, build consistency and stability, and ultimately generate more wealth within your community.

  • The Customer Service Module has a built-in survey tool to create your Forms, Surveys, and Returns.
  • These three tools come with maximum flexibility to customize your Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) programs
  • The tool allows you to create Forms to help companies request a service or benefit by filling them out. It can be an application for incentives etc.
  • You can follow up with companies or contacts regularly by creating Returns. You can ask them for investment or employment data needed to validate their compliance and thereby justify incentives.
  • You can create Surveys when you want to collect information or get feedback from a particular group of people. With the help of these surveys, you can know about policies, performances, and complaints or suggestions.

To know everything in detail about the ProTRACKPlus Customer Service Module, you can contact us for a no-obligation short demonstration.

How ProTRACKPlus Customer Service Module Helps EDOs

  • With the help of built-in tools in the module, you can perform the BRE activities with ease.
  • Expanding services with the help of advanced technology opens immense possibilities for scaling up your BRE program
  • Business Retention and Expansion surveys offer valuable insights and provide the ability to help businesses in your community or state stay competitive and profitable.
  • Customizable BRE program surveys help find needs, concerns, and opportunities for local expansions. Using the BRE Survey, you can collect data on a large scale.
  • It also helps to capture business owners’ ideas, concerns, plans, and valuable insights.

Enhance Your BRE Efforts with ProTRACKPlus

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) is not just about sending surveys. With the advancements in technology, the outlook has changed and the businesses are going all digital. If you want your BRE strategy to succeed, you should communicate effectively and take timely action. The main objective of BRE is to provide information resources and create relationships.

Advanced tools like ProTRACKPlus help you understand risks, meet challenges and find opportunities. A solid BRE strategy with an excellent customer service module prepares you for future challenges and ensures success.

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