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ProTrackPlus offers a fully customizable Administration module which packs customizable properties for Economic Development Organizations (EDOs). What makes it more exclusive is, it is a one of a kind service that you and your team can work with and utilise its impressive features and achieve better outcomes while administering the management and client related tasks. 

What ProTRACKPlus Fully Editable Administration Offers for EDOs

With the help of ProTrackPlus’s intuitive and simple customizable features, you and your leadership can have accurate and up-to-date information that maximizes your results.

  • The fully editable administration enables you and your team to edit 90% of the Tabs, Fields, and Drop-down Menus to customize data.
  • You can customize the data you want to collect, manage, and report to your leadership.
  • It allows you to have desired results accurately and up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • In the Configure Module, you can add, remove, or rename any Field or Dropdown Menu.
  • You and your team can rename all Fields and Dropdown Menus with the help of this feature, or you can also create new ones.
  • The feature also helps you to capture changes you make automatically.
  • You can make use of the data for more robust reporting.
  • It helps save you and your team’s time every month you invest in preparing monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.

How Editable Administration Helps EDOs

  • It simplifies the process of your tasks
  • It increases the productivity of your organization.
  • You can have accurate and customized data at your fingertips to help in timely decision-making.
  • Customization helps you work with ease as per the requirements of your organization.

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