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In an increasingly globalized and customer-centric environment, every company’s customer relationship is the building block. When it comes to running a high performing EDO (Economic Development Organization), you have to cater to all leadership and prospect’s needs for effective economic development. While there are multiple CRM tools available in the market, they may not meet the specific requirements of your economic development organization.

ProTRACKPlus, as a CRM tool exclusively designed for EDOs by economic developers and, comes with six additional tools that will exceed your EDO management and reporting needs. Our team has over 30 years of hands-on economic development experience and knows exactly how to help.

What Makes ProTRACKPlus The Ideal CRM For All EDOs

We focus on providing a highly intuitive, robust, yet simple CRM tool that can help you forecast the right terms of incentives to offer to win the deal. Using our proprietary tax and incentive calculators you can quickly explore multiple scenarios and present options to your leadership for their approval.

ProTRACKPlus’ CRM begins by helping you manage projects, companies, and contacts. There are additional modules to create one powerfully intuitive system capable of putting everything you need in one location. Our main objective is to boost the communication and transparency of your EDO with your elected, appointed and volunteer leadership. Our report generating feature, library of documents, and document security features make us a one of a kind software tool in the market today.

Here are some of the features that make ProTRACKPlus the perfect tool for EDO development.

  1. Mobility is a Must With ProTRACKPlus
    While working with prospects and your leadership, you need to be agile and always have the facts at your fingertips. Cloud-based services of ProTRACKPlus enables access from anywhere, anytime, so that you never lose track of data and you can fetch it on your phone, tablet, or laptop.
  2. Experience Intuitive Functions
    We designed ProTRACKPlus to be clean, intuitive and easy to use. Once you have entered the available information into the system, when you call it up to view, only fields with data in them appear. This feature becomes extremely important while working on a small device as you will not have to scroll through endless unnecessary fields. This is just one of the features that make ProTRACKPlus highly intuitive and responsive. Additionally, intuitive search fields can help you retrieve the exact data you need in a fraction of the time you might typically spend accessing important content and make it available at your fingertips.
  3. Real-Time Report Generation
    Economic development communications necessitates several reports and the timely presentation of data and figures to keep your leadership better informed. With ProTRACKPlus, you may generate up to 22 real-time reports filtered by Projects, Contacts, and Companies and all reports can be exported to either PDF or Excel documents with about two clicks each.. Additionally, if you still need more complex reports ProTRACKPlus has a report generator built in which allows you and your team to customize reports by picking data from every field used in the CRM module.. The format of these additional reports can be saved so you can quickly repeat creating these customized reports.
  4. Highly Customizable
    Every EDO is unique and therefore needs to store unique data,, so ProTRACKPlus has made all the field names and dropdown menu titles customizable by you. You will designate one or two folks on your team to have access to the Administrative Module so they can make these changes easily without having to come back to the developers.
  5. Forecast Complex Taxes and Incentives
    Few if any people in your locale fully understand how your complex property, sales, and income taxes work. Even fewer people understand how to allocate resources available from local governments to provide high impact incentives. ProTRACKPlus has a calculator that mirrors the local and state tax structures so you can easily apply taxes and offsetting incentives to calculate estimated savings to a company and revenues to the various governments involved. This unique tool helps with incentive forecasting, estimating the business’s savings, and the government’s estimated revenues.

Additional Tools For Your EDO

Along with the intuitive forecasting and reporting tools, the customized CRM has been designed for EDOs that need some additional features to function seamlessly. ProTRACKPlus has modules that are designed specifically to support the economic development organization. Here is what it will offer you,

  • Managing Business Retention and Expansion (module has a survey generator)
  • Document Management Library
  • Nine Automated Dynamic & Static Reports
  • Safe Room for Confidentiality
  • Document Management
  • New High Impact Landing Page
  • Top 10 Metric Dashboard

Transform The Way Economic Development Works

With the highly intuitive, powerful, and customizable tool for EDOs, ProTRACKPlus is the only tool you will need to manage and report Projects, Contacts, and Companies. It provides you with a complete CRM solution plus additional modules that make forecasting, reporting, managing, data storage, document management, and tax analysis easy for you. Share the reports in real-time with the leadership, estimate incentives, or calculate discounts; and of course everything is at your fingertips through its mobility features. Get a free demonstration today and experience the smooth sailing towards simplifying growth and wealth-building in your community with ProTRACKPlus.

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