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Your economic development organization aims to simplify growth and build the wealth of your community, and thus, having software that supports dynamic processes is vital. Along with streamlining and managing the internal process, you will also have to cater to your leadership’s and prospects’ needs for effective development. Even though there are ample SaaS-based softwares, only a few are specifically designed for EDOs, and one of the most powerful tools is ProTRACKPlus. 

It is designed by economic developers with 30 years of hands-on experience to make your economic development goals easy. Apart from the CRM features, it comes with 7 additional modules that meet your EDO management and reporting requirements. 

Many off-the-shelf SaaS tools designed for EDO developers cannot provide the right tools and modules, delaying the whole development process. But, ProTRACKPlus is built differently. 

Let’s see how ProTRACKPlus proves to be an effective SaaS product for your EDO.

What Can ProTRACKPlus Offer You?

The right CRM designed specifically for EDOs can help you seal the deal with the right incentives and forecast the investment. It can also help you win the trust of your leadership as the effective features of ProTRACKPlus gives you ultimate control over every aspect of EDO development. 

Apart from managing projects and contracts, it intuitively brings together everything you need for your EDO in one platform. Bringing together different fields delivers transparency and boosts better communication with your elected leadership.

Here is how ProTRACKPlus will be an effective Software as a service for you

  1. Allows You To Work From Anywhere, Increasing Mobility 
    Be agile and have the facts at your fingertips with the seamless mobility of ProTRACKPlus. It is a cloud-based service that allows you to be agile and quick in response as it lets you work from anywhere, anytime. Since the mobility feature is a must in ProTRACKPlus, you can easily fetch the data, work on your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop, and respond to your leadership’s request even when you are out of the office. 
  2. 2.Reduces Reporting Time And Frees You
    Your prospects and leadership can demand reports, data, and statistics at any point. As an effective economic development organization, you should provide reports to keep your stakeholders informed. ProTRACKPlus helps you generate 22 real-time reports, which you can export to excel or pdf with just a click. It is also capable of generating complex reports using specific data. These reports can also be saved if you wish to create the reports again in the future, which helps you save time and frees you up for the rest of the important work.
  3. Saves Data Securely
    While dealing with companies and their data, keeping the information safe from data breaches is imperative. With the ProTRACKPlus’ safe room, you can store financial statements, deal papers, invoices, and all those papers with confidential information related to your prospects and stakeholders. We have included a feature that does not allow the papers to be published anywhere to make the information safer. So, they will be redacted from any open records request.
  4. Makes Work Easier With Intuitive Features
    We have designed ProTRACKPlus to be highly intuitive and feature-rich so that you won’t have to go through the hassles of scrolling and sliding every time you wish to enter detail. Whenever you enter information and call it to view the next time, only the fields with data will show up without bringing up the unnecessary and empty field. This saves you the hassle of searching for useful information through an endless ocean of tabs. It is just one of the features of ProTRACKPlus that makes it highly intuitive and easy to work with. Get your free demo of ProTRACKPlus today to know more about its features.
  5. Reduces Tax And Calculation Based Forecasts
    Not everyone can understand the tax slabs relating to property, sales, and income. However, if you have an EDO, you need to know all about the taxes. To simplify your work and make it easier for everyone on your team to be on the same page when it comes to government-allocated resources, ProTRACKPlus has a calculator that mirrors the state tax structures. It puts everything from forecasting the incentives and government-related data right at your fingertips so you can spend your time focussing on the bigger picture.

Get the most effective Software as a Service for Your EDO

We have developed ProTRACKPlus with a team with decades of experience in economic development. Through their years of experience and hands-on experience, our team knows precisely what you want while working in an economic development environment. We have developed a kind of CRM that has 7 additional modules which will help you in managing content, saving reports, calculating taxes, maintaining transparency, reporting, data storage, and more. You can also send the reports in real-time to your leadership, as everything is at your fingertips through the cloud.  Get in touch with us for a free demonstration today and expedite the EDO growth with ProTRACKPlus.

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