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Managing the process of economic development is now simplified by My ProTrackPlus. The CRM tool allows an economic development organization (EDO) to manage workflows, forecast investments, and analyze project performance. There is much more ease of processes you can find while using the tool. Let’s get to know the brief about the tool’s modus operandi.

Understanding My ProTrackPlus

My ProTrackPlus is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Plus tool designed to simplify the number of operations executed in the EDOs. It’s exponentially ahead of normal CRM tools that deliver multiple tasks explained further in the blog.The capabilities to assess several aspects help increase opportunities for growth in the region, city, state, or nation. 

While using the My ProTrackPlus CRM tool, you always land on the dashboard page that shows various activity options to perform. From getting the advanced data in a much-simplified manner to tasks assigned, notifications about events organized, and much more.

Several advantages allow you to take a moment and try the DEMO of My ProTrackPlus to understand how it simplifies the associated aspects. 

Simplifying Characteristics

Keeping track of business retention and expansion (BRE) is necessary. But understanding the need to have a process that simplifies your day-to-day tasks is crucial. 

My ProTrackPlus delivers efficiency with additional simplifications. It includes:

Simplify your Day

My ProTrackPlus offers a simple solution offering complete customization of the CRM tool. The CRM comprises adding a project, BRE, Library of Documents (getting access to the documents stored on the cloud), creating surveys, reports, and more. Such advanced features allow you to run concurrently with your organizational needs. 

The tool is easy to navigate, and it helps you grow with the increase in the needs of your organization. 

Simplify Your Setup

My ProTrackPlus helps you and your team to migrate the historical data. The process comprises risk and heavy data lifting for starting with your digital transformation. 

Simplify your Mobility

The CRM tool empowers you to log in from anywhere globally. Its seamless integration with cloud technology allows you and your offshore team to update details, collaborate, and interact with increased efficiency. My ProTrackPlus is dedicatedly advanced. You can easily connect the tool to your Smartphone, PC, SmartTV, and Laptop.

Simplify Your Reporting

My ProTrackPlus eases the reports creating process. It develops the work reports you finished during the day and helps track your productivity. As the CRM tool is easy to customize, you can create your manual reports using ‘Report Generator’.

Simplify Your Agility

Dealing with comprehensive real-time data is another ease the process you get at My ProTrackPlus. The tool helps you with all the necessary information and multiple data to look into and ideate an informed decision.

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My ProTrackPlus is a tool of diverse collection to leverage economic development organizations. If you are an EDO or any entity that works closely with EDO, you can visit our product website to request the demo.

Once you request the demo, you get a 30 minutes no-obligation demo where you get all the necessary details regarding the product. 

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