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Anil brings over two decades of experience in spearheading product development, marketing, strategic planning, and business development. Thanks to his process-oriented approach and single-minded focus on customer satisfaction coupled with his ability to deliver premium services and support. In addition to being ProTRACKPlus’ Chairman of the Board, Anil is President and CEO of SVAM International, Inc. which offers services such as data management, business intelligence, infrastructure services, system integrations, document management, application development, and web collaboration. SVAM employs 650 people in India, Mexico and US with corporate headquarters in Long Island, NY. Anil has secured successful implementations with scores of clients including Strategic Planning engagements for the likes of Deutche Bank, HSBC, Long Island Bus, and significant offshore contracts for leading technology companies including Motorola, IFF, SonicWall, RF Technologies, and Posit Science. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from New Delhi University – India.

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