Management & Operational Reports

ProTRACKPlus Reports

Provides a broad snapshot of your business

Since Report generation is vital to any EDO, ProTRACKPlus provides an innovative enterprise solution for authoring, viewing and customizing reports and queries that meet the needs of your entire business activity. EDOs can access and build reports designed for collaboration and assist in making informed business decisions and operational goals.

ProTRACKPlus integrates data from key departments into an end-to-end reporting environment which are scalable and flexible enough to manage most complex processes. ProTRACKPlus shares a common facility to produce reports containing text, graphs and/or diagrams. The input and output data results from reliability applications which are stored in a database and can be filtered, sorted and displayed in the Management and Operational reports.This provides unmatched flexibility when it comes to presenting data to your Key Stakeholders, Project Managers, and other Project Collaborators.

All reports are professionally formatted and are available to preview, export, share and print (Extracted in MS Excel and/or PDF formats for ease of sharing)

Regulatory Reports

Customized reports for conforming to reporting regulations defined by higher authority/ organization. These reports include State and Local Report Templates and Board Reporting Formats.

Operational Reports

Canned reports for extracting information and sharing it with colleagues or member organizations. These reports enhance visibility into core data and collaboration between the member organizations. Operational Reports consist of:

  • Project and Project Tasks Reports
  • Budgeting and Expense Report
  • Prospects, Clients and Contacts Report
  • Incentives/Rebate Reports