Incentive Management & Reporting

ProTRACKPlus Incentive Tool

Built for business' agility and responsiveness

ProTRACKPlus incentive management tool provides the end-to-end ability to create, manage and distribute all aspects of an incentive program. It helps automate the process of incentives, and their administration in support of any type of variable pay strategy. ProTRACKPlus incentive management module offers organizations greater with calculation accuracy, reduced costs for managing incentives, improved sales force and service client motivation and retention.

ProTRACKPlus is built for business agility and responsiveness and can be managed / maintained by business users without IT or programming support. Unique to ProTRACKPlus Incentive Management, this capability allows business users to manage all aspects of incentives from aggregating data from multiple sources, to executing pay-runs, reporting, modeling, and analytics. ProTRACKPlus is flexible enough to enable the business to react to constantly changing market conditions and business needs.

Incentive Management Toolkit

Available Incentive Templates

  • Tax Exempt Bonds
  • Property Tax Rebates
  • Mortgage Rebates
  • Wages based
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Custom Templates for Regional/ State/ County and Local EDOs