Cost & Benefit Analysis

ProTRACKPlus - C&B Tool

Automatically captures the quantitative/tangible variables for the project being analyzed

There has been never a time when EDOs were not required to justify the Return on Investment (ROI). Justifying returns can be challenging and time consuming. ProTRACKPlus has an in-built Cost & Benefit Analysis (CBA) tool which helps an EDO make insightful decisions when running the analysis for projects and present a graphical report for the users to justify spending.

Analysis Made Easy

ProTRACKPlus automatically captures the quantitative / tangible variables for the projects being analyzed. For intangible / qualitative variables; it allows the users to enter a qualified amount as ascertained by the local administration. It captures Cost Variables like Incentives / Rebates, Operational Expenses and Intangible Expenses (Environmental Effects etc.). On the benefits side, it captures Job Creation, Project Investments, Tax Collections, and other Intangible Benefits (quality of life etc.)

A sample report of Cost & Benefit Analysis can be seen in the image below: