Activity Management

ProTRACKPlus Activities

Monitor marketing, sales and customer service activities in a custom manner

ProTRACKPlus is loaded with some of the best activity tracking, storing and monitoring tools. Built-in activity management systems help companies to get detailed reports on every ongoing and historical activities related to customers, employees and processes The Activity Management Software automatically coordinates all enterprise activities with perfection to help managers plan, implement and monitor marketing, sales and customer service activities in a custom manner. Reports regarding all activity performances can be generated in real-time with custom filters and Sales persons can access historical customer activities to treat customers efficiently. On the other hand, the Marketing Team can create custom marketing activities and evaluate their performances.

Activity Dashboard

ProTRACKPlus is completely configurable, allowing one to track and manage only the data that is important to your business.

Be Efficient

  • Create new Activities or review existing ones.
  • Easily populate the details of an Activity with company or personal templates.
  • Track activity expenses.

Be Effective

  • Track any and all Activity information that is important to the organization through the unlimited use of user-defined fields and/or categories.
  • Link an Activity to an Account, Contact, or Opportunity and track which activities drive sales.
  • Create custom Activity lists and reports with the use of extensive filtering capabilities to filter any field found in an Activity.

Activity Management Toolkit