Easy To Get Started

Start performing in 3 easy steps

Collaborative Platform

  • Easy integration/ migration of data with 3rd party applications Increased customization & configuration.


  • Add users on-the-go automatically providing them with customized access as required.

Reduced Costs

  • No large upfront cash outlay towards initial setup cost.

  • Reduced on-premise cost since there is no need to create any additional software or hardware infrastructure. Just use your PC, Tablets and/ or Mobile devices.

  • Eliminate maintenance cost of your IT equipment and reduce IT support cost.

  • A simple monthly subscription fee for users which covers standard maintenance and upgrades.

Increased Data Security

  • No more worrying about backups.

  • Improved security and reliability using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 256 Bit Encryption.

High Performance & Support

  • Painless upgrades.

  • Increased access to expert support.

  • Increased up time.

Beneficial User Adoption

  • Reduced cost of adoption low licensing, training and support cost.

  • Quicker adoption with decreased time to ramp up new users, maximize their productivity from using ProTRACKPlus

  • Improved adoption by enabling more users to use the application.

Empowers Senior Management with a Decision Support System

  • It serves the management level of the organization and helps to take decisions in a dynamic environment.

  • Dashboard Pages - Custom Reports - Google Map Integration(Projects’ Location).

Enabling Simultaneous Tracking of Multiple Projects

  • ProTRACKPlus provides objective assessment of performance with easy and timely access to actual performance levels and thus facilitates proactive management of resources.

  • Projects Tracking - Activity Tracking - Prospects Tracking.

Integrates Efforts by providing Single Platform

  • It delivers the functionality for many participants to augment a common deliverable.

  • Contact Management - Email Management(Integration with Microsoft Outlook ®) - Document Management.

  • Business Card Scanner integration.

Manages Workflows

  • It manages and defines a series of tasks within the organization to produce a final outcome or outcomes.

  • It allows you to define different workflows for different types of jobs or processes.

  • Allotment of Project / Activity tasks - Scheduling of Projects / Activity tasks - Central Project documents repository.

  • Role-based Incentive Management & Assignment.

Automated Feedback and Reminders

  • Increased Transparency in workflows & processes.

  • Convenient follow-up.

  • Early identification of roadblocks.